Financing And Refinancing Through Commercial Loans

Business establishments all over the world need a proper channel of cash flow so that they can maintain regularity in growth and diversification. As it is rightly said, finance is fundamental to the growth of an old business and vital for any businessman to put the business planning take into action.

Loans for business purposes are available by pledging commercial properties or by borrowing without supplying any security. In both cases, there are lots of differences like the loan eligibility, the rate of interest offered by the lender, the loan tenure and repayment conditions. A successful business project is very often an organized one. You have to plan it well and supply with right dose of capitalization. If over capitalization of business can result in lower earning per share, the under capitalization can also have its negative effect in the form of unnecessarily high stock prices that are unrealistic.

A successful businessman always takes care of under investments and over investments. More complex financial aspects are taken care of by the financial experts and brilliant business minds. But, arranging for the daily cash flow requirement is relatively low level task that is handed over to the delegates having authority to deal with day to day functioning of the company. Business loans are one of the easiest means to ensure that any shortage in funds is met effectively at lower rates and in a competitive environment.

If you are seeking funds for a new venture, it will be perfect to take care of every possible aspect so that no problem arises later on. The root level problem that people face is the lack of knowledge when they go out and start searching for a commercial loan at low rate []. The second obstacle comes when finance is made available to you. It relates to how to generate profits out of it so that interest payments can be justified. Both these things can be answered by a well-planned and well-implemented course of action. There should be a clear-cut plan of what you are going to do with money and how you are going to generate the profits. This should be your biggest and legitimate concern if you are to reach the top of the business world.

Market trends and in-depth knowledge about the business is necessary before take a plunge into it. If you are not confident, it is not advisable to take commercial business loans and risk your capital; business is surely not a fun expedition. On the other hand, there are people who lose valuable opportunities because they think that the cost of capital is too high. The market rates are bound to fluctuate in the market. There is an opportunity to refinance commercial loans if the interest rates fall drastically in the time to come. So, do not waste too much of your precious time and proceed with your plans if you are confident of the business project you are handling.

The author is a business writer specializing in finance and credit products and has written authoritative articles on the finance industry. He has done his masters in Business Administration and is currently assisting as a finance specialist.

Launching the Surface Tablet From Microsoft

Microsoft is not known to give great media launches unlike the folks over at Apple. However, this time, their launch of their newest product, the Surface, was a great one. Microsoft was able to live up to the buzz that it created days before this event. People, especially those who sell old iPad for a business were intrigued as to what the Surface would be. The question on everyone’s mind before that was if this tablet PC would finally be the one to give Apple’s iPad the challenge that it needs.

So far, it’s still iPad who is leading the market in terms of tablet PC sales. Samsung was able to shake things up a little bit with the introduction of their Galaxy Tab. However, it was still not enough to topple iPad’s position on top. Let’s start dissecting the Surface and see if it can indeed give iPad the inspiring challenge.

For starters, there are two variants to this tablet PC. For people selling iPad 1, having a choice can be good because it gives the buyer an option especially when money is an issue during the purchase. Of course, one model would be cheaper than the other but might be less powerful. If the buyer does not really care as he just wants to use it for browsing, reading emails, watching movies or playing simple games, then the lower end version might satisfy his needs.

Surface Basic, as it is called, is thinner and lighter. It is only 9.3mm thin and weighs 1.5 pounds. The casing is made of vapor-deposited magnesium (PVD) and it already includes a built-in kickstand. Inside, it is powered by an ARM chipset and has Windows RT as its operating system. The Windows RT is said to be perfect for tablet PCs because it consumes less power making the battery of the tablet PC last longer. The screen’s real estate size is 10.6 inches with a ClearType HD Display. However, there is still no final word as to the screen’s resolution. It is available in 32GB and 64GB versions.

The second variant is called the Surface Pro. As the name suggests, this variant is for those who are serious about their electronic gadgets and do not just see them as a multimedia portal. People who want to use it for work will be able to appreciate the power and efficiency of this tablet. It is still at 10.6 inches however the display is ClearType “Full HD” already. It is powered by Intel’s 22nm Ivy Bridge chip and will run on Windows 8. It is definitely more powerful than the basic version and more like a very thin laptop. It is heavier at 1.9 pounds and thicker at 13.5mm. It has the same magnesium case with a built in kickstand like the Basic. 64GB and 128GB will be the variants for this one.

With that said, Microsoft however did not disclose the final price of the Surface. It might be a bit cheaper than the iPad, which is a welcome thought for those who are looking to shift to a new one and sell old iPad. Also, there is no exact date as to when it will be available for purchase. Everything remains to be seen until the Surface comes out and becomes available on the market.

Franchisor Sample Grand Opening Launch for New Franchised Outlets

It is paramount that all franchising companies work hard in the critical launching of all franchises in their new territories. In this present period most franchisees come into the franchise systems with much personal debt and barely squeak by on their initial capital needed. One major error or mistake and the franchisee will fail due to under capitalization. Below it a sample outline and message to new franchisees; I recommend that you take a look at this and develop a policy and plan to help your new franchisees in the beginning gain ground on their new markets. You should copy this article and make notes on it and then take the outline below modify it to fit your business model and write several paragraphs for each number and lettered item to cement your new franchised outlet marketing plan. While reading this policy and outline below realize that it was written for a mobile car wash business and your plan will be significantly different but this will help you in making a first class strategy to win market share for your newest team members.

- – - – - – - -

Your inaugural marketing mission is an integral part of your new business. By doing this, we will attempt to insure that your route is tight and your customers are clustered by time and location. This will increase your productivity by saving you travel time and boosting your sales per stop. This mission will also help you better understand the needs of different customers and get you better acquainted with the pulse of your community. It helps us create a customized strategic development and marketing plan which takes into consideration your life goals, personality, ambitions and talents and matches them with your community, potential market and future customers.

Actual Mission:

This consists of a team of six to ten highly motivated individuals, which we send in to your territory for one week. We intend to contact businesses, V.I.P.s, government agencies and non-profit groups; explain your service and sign up customers. It’s a major undertaking and this is why our crews have nicknamed it “Bonzai and Blitz” marketing. It is essential to your goals and domination of your exclusive territory.



A. Complete Demographic Study

B. Maps – Zoning/Target Markets/Etc.


A. Drive Through Town

B. Aerial Photography

C. Story Board

D. Planning Assault


A. “Bonzai” Mission

1. Identifying Specific Customers

2. Contacting Customers

3. Mass Flyer Distribution

4. Telephone/Fax Marketing

5. Direct Sales Campaign

B. “Blitz” Mission

1. Planning Fundraisers

2. Contacting V.I.P.’s And Government Officials

3. Media Blitz

4. Route Development

5. Competition Study

C. Launch

1. Parade

2. Starting Route

3. Coupons

4. Free Washes

5. Word Of Mouth Referral Program.