Using Trade Shows to Launch or License Your Novel Consumer Product Is Key

Each business day we are approached by entrepreneurs, small businesses, and inventors from all over the world seeking guidance and asking how best to launch and successfully commercialize their consumer product or service innovation. In almost every case investment monies are very dear. There is no one universal answer as every situation is unique. However, we find that we almost always include a suggestion of industry specific trade show participation as a key piece of the answer.

Every category of consumer product has an assortment of local, regional, national or international trade shows devoted exclusively to related products and services. There are Food Product and Gourmet Food Product trade shows. The Pet Product industry has numerous events. Ditto for Hardware Products, Toys and Games, Pool and Spa Products, Gift Products, Table Top Gifts, Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Products, Sporting Goods, Home and Garden Products, Do-It-Yourself Products, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Wellness Products, Natural Products and, well…you get the picture. If you want to sell, license or introduce a consumer product there is a venue that is the ideal target of opportunity available for you to utilize.

Why are trade shows so important? The answer is simple. In an impersonal digital world the internet has created an inconvenient and often insurmountable buffer between entrepreneurs and decision makers (buyers). In order to bridge the electronic divide you must be able to personally meet and educate the key decision maker on the unique features and benefits of your product. This is best accomplished at trade shows.

Attending trade shows is an important part of retail buyer responsibility. It is easy for a buyer to accept an anonymous new product application from an on-line submission and electronically decline the offer. This is not only easy, but highly impersonal and a way to evade the additional work load that comes with adding new items to a stores retail mix. Management, however, expects buyers to not only attend trade shows, but to discover and bring home new, innovative products.

On the floor of a trade show the entrepreneur can network, demonstrate and display their product and become personally familiar with key personnel in their class of trade. At every trade show I have ever worked there have been sales agents seeking new lines to carry and represent. There are competitors who want to buy or license new products that fit their space (or, beware, knock off your item). You will meet retail buyers from every conceivable size store, from big box to independent. The opportunity to properly present your product to the largest group of potentially important people is never greater than when you display your wares at a trade show.

There are costs attendant to trade show participation. Travel, booth rental, display and sales collateral must be covered. There are also clever strategies available to minimize cash outlays while discovering how the decision makers in your space will react to your new consumer product or service.

We just returned from a major high fashion jewelry industry trade show. Our client unveiled a brand new jewelry line by utilizing production quality prototype samples to demonstrate to the trade. Display was a one-off unit created by our preferred point-of-purchase manufacturer. Sales collateral was designed and produced utilizing a photo-shop graphic art technique. The result was that, with virtually zero inventory expense, the client was able to present his product and give every outward appearance of being an experienced, solid business, not a start-up.

Orders are now being written, international distribution deals negotiated and inventory produced to cover commitments. This expensive step can now be undertaken with a high level of confidence gained by the experience realized by trade show participation. This is just one example of penetrating a highly competitive consumer product market while significantly mitigating financial risk.

Product Creation – Making Real Money Through Product Creation

The world has now converged into a global village. The target market of a product has expanded from a simple town to the globe due to the increase in the use of internet as the medium of exchange of information as well as of e-commerce. In this situation, if a company is to survive the intense competition existing in the world today, it has to be innovative. No company can survive today without producing new products. You need to launch new products in the market very frequently. This is the reason all the companies today like to have a very efficient research and development department. The reason behind is that as there is a lot of competition out there, no company can survive without new products. For example, there is a very close competition between Honda and Toyota. If one of the companies keeps on launching new models of their cars and the other stops doing it, the company with the newer models will win. It will be able to generate more revenue as compared to the other company.

Product creation can always help you in making money. When you launch a product, you have to put some effort in marketing it. If the product is carrying brand equity due to the name of your firm, the product will sell. If this happens you will be able to gain profits. A new product especially if it is unique can capture the market very quickly provided the marketing efforts are made in the right direction. Same is true for the online world.

Personalized Promotional Products Are Sweet Giveaways

To Brits they are sweets, to an Aussie lollies – but Americans love their candy. Wherever you are and whatever you call them these personalized products are sweet giveaways. And, what’s more, they are used by a huge selection of companies at Trade Shows and Exhibitions even though they are not necessarily the first product into the marketing mix.

Nevertheless, there is a place for personalized gift sweets, lollies and candy such as cereal bars, chewing gum, cookies, foil wrapped chocolate coins, fortune cookies, fruit drops, humbugs, jellybeans, luxury chocolates, popcorn, mints, sugared almonds and, of course, the original personalized gift giveaway – a stick of rock!

A stick of rock started life as a humble and cheap vacation souvenir. And yet, this self same promotional item is now used by multi-nationals the world over. The next time you visit a Trade Show take notice of the number of sweets, candy and lollies used as giveaways.

With the logo, product or company name through the centre and a striking sticker, a stick of rock is one of the more inexpensive promotional items and can be associated with a number of products. Furthermore, a stick of rock, often presented as bite-sized chunks in striking wrappers is an attractive idea.

A straightforward way of using mints as promotional products is to have a large container on a reception desk so that visitors can refresh their breath before meetings. Other popular ways of using mints are in small envelopes printed with a motif and sales message, mints in personalized visiting card containers, tins of boiled mints for the glove box, mints in a personalized click dispenser and, surely the most unusual packaging for a mint yet – a promotional pen mint dispenser!

Simple and effective they may be but there are other ways to use sweets, candy and lollies such as, for instance, the old chocolate money routine. Chocolate money, as part of a mailing package, suggests that the recipient can save lots of money by investing in a product or service. On the other hand, the mailer might indicate that the money be may be used as a discount at a forthcoming Exhibition or Trade Show.

Jellybeans have long been favorite sweet giveaways as promotional products particularly if molded into attractive product shapes of airplanes, autos, cell phones, cola bottles, hearts or teddy bears. Packed into an individual pyramid shaped carton – printed with an eye-catching message – they have a notable short-term impact.

Similarly, a fruit flavored piece of candy in an arresting personalized wrapper punches well above its weight when used at a product launch or other corporate event. One of the more creative ideas in recent years has been to present lollies, jellybeans, Neopolitan chocolates, truffles and other goodies in calico bags with an attractive drawstring. This has added impact with bags printed in full color on both sides. Another variation on the theme is to use cotton bags with a personalized ribbon, a Venetian bag with a swing tag or miniature shopping bag.

Recent additions to personalized products as sweet giveaways are large chocolate bars, chocolate shaped as a wall plaque complete with a molded product and strapline.

You cannot get more humdrum than the everyday products discussed in this article, nonetheless, mix these dull and boring products with a creative mind and the results can be astonishing and prove that lollies and candy as personalized products are sweet giveaways.