Product Launch Using Web Based CRM Software

I recently launched a new product using InfusionSoft, the web based CRM software I use. Now, to be completely honest it wasn’t a brand new product. So here’s the story…

It was actually a product that had been around for about five years. However, about 4 months ago I began communicating with the owner about buying a portion of his business. He had a great product but was a horrible internet marketer. So what is it? It’s an online vending management software that helps vendors manage their vending route. It worked perfectly in my synergistic environment and he agreed to sell me 30%. Of course, I wanted at least 50% so I could make decisions and we agreed that based on some specific income goals I could earn my additional 20%. So, what did I do? I did a Product Launch with using web based CRM software. I knew this would be my one shot to hit my income goals fast and gain my additional 20%.

Product launches are essentially a sequence of events that lead up to a big event or the launch of your product. By using a CRM you are able to automate the entire process (or most of it) so you can sit back and watch the money roll in. That’s the goal anyway. Now, to be completely honest this was only my second official product launch using an automated follow up sequence. So how did it work?

First, I set up the sequence. This included pre-launch emails to give people a taste of the product and launch week emails. Then I got some major blogs and forums with large email lists to sign on as affiliates. Of course all of this, from the automatic pre-launch emails to the affiliate system was setup using my web based CRM system. We launched and I watched the new subscriptions roll in for our online software.

Personalized Promotional Products Are Sweet Giveaways

To Brits they are sweets, to an Aussie lollies – but Americans love their candy. Wherever you are and whatever you call them these personalized products are sweet giveaways. And, what’s more, they are used by a huge selection of companies at Trade Shows and Exhibitions even though they are not necessarily the first product into the marketing mix.

Nevertheless, there is a place for personalized gift sweets, lollies and candy such as cereal bars, chewing gum, cookies, foil wrapped chocolate coins, fortune cookies, fruit drops, humbugs, jellybeans, luxury chocolates, popcorn, mints, sugared almonds and, of course, the original personalized gift giveaway – a stick of rock!

A stick of rock started life as a humble and cheap vacation souvenir. And yet, this self same promotional item is now used by multi-nationals the world over. The next time you visit a Trade Show take notice of the number of sweets, candy and lollies used as giveaways.

With the logo, product or company name through the centre and a striking sticker, a stick of rock is one of the more inexpensive promotional items and can be associated with a number of products. Furthermore, a stick of rock, often presented as bite-sized chunks in striking wrappers is an attractive idea.

A straightforward way of using mints as promotional products is to have a large container on a reception desk so that visitors can refresh their breath before meetings. Other popular ways of using mints are in small envelopes printed with a motif and sales message, mints in personalized visiting card containers, tins of boiled mints for the glove box, mints in a personalized click dispenser and, surely the most unusual packaging for a mint yet – a promotional pen mint dispenser!

Simple and effective they may be but there are other ways to use sweets, candy and lollies such as, for instance, the old chocolate money routine. Chocolate money, as part of a mailing package, suggests that the recipient can save lots of money by investing in a product or service. On the other hand, the mailer might indicate that the money be may be used as a discount at a forthcoming Exhibition or Trade Show.

Jellybeans have long been favorite sweet giveaways as promotional products particularly if molded into attractive product shapes of airplanes, autos, cell phones, cola bottles, hearts or teddy bears. Packed into an individual pyramid shaped carton – printed with an eye-catching message – they have a notable short-term impact.

Similarly, a fruit flavored piece of candy in an arresting personalized wrapper punches well above its weight when used at a product launch or other corporate event. One of the more creative ideas in recent years has been to present lollies, jellybeans, Neopolitan chocolates, truffles and other goodies in calico bags with an attractive drawstring. This has added impact with bags printed in full color on both sides. Another variation on the theme is to use cotton bags with a personalized ribbon, a Venetian bag with a swing tag or miniature shopping bag.

Recent additions to personalized products as sweet giveaways are large chocolate bars, chocolate shaped as a wall plaque complete with a molded product and strapline.

You cannot get more humdrum than the everyday products discussed in this article, nonetheless, mix these dull and boring products with a creative mind and the results can be astonishing and prove that lollies and candy as personalized products are sweet giveaways.

Looxcie Launches Wearable Digital Camcorder

The tiny camcorder (it resembles a chunky headset) is placed over one’s ear, records constantly for up to 4 hours, and, when the battery peters out, the device will save the final 30 seconds of the clip to a video file at the touch of an “instant clip” button. The camera can also be configured to upload “instant shares” automatically.

The function and production of the camcorder appears similar to those used by policemen in real-life documentaries, or attached to the helmets of soldiers in Afghanistan. Now the technology has been offered to YouTube addicts, whose video-sharing careers just got a bit more exciting. Somehow, they won’t look the same perched on the head of an “oversharer” – as Evelyn Rusli of TechCrunch calls them – desperately trying to garner some brief level of fame or infamy; whatever comes his way first.

Using Bluetooth technology, the file is sent to the Looxcie companion mobile application, from where it can be shared via e-mail, Facebook or YouTube. The mobile app is available only on Android at the moment, but it is believed that the Blackberry, Windows, and iPhone platforms will all be brought into the fold by the end of the year.

On cannot help but think this latest offering – $199 from Amazon by the way – is a demonstration of technology for technologies sake. It doesn’t really add anything innovative or impressively new to the mix, yet those technological hunter-gatherers will do anything to get their hands on the sleek piece of design. It is another manifestation with society’s obsession with the latest technological evolution, however minuscule the development may be.

This also reflects the general atmosphere of “I want it and I want it now, and if you don’t have it give me something else in the meantime to keep me occupied” which dogs the online sphere. The launch of Google Instant is the current culmination of such demand for speed and information access.

Every aspect of the web is subject to ever-increasing needs to keep up with the pace of real-time search and the unrelenting ubiquity of social media, not least of all the SEO UK companies deeply involved in the success of sites within search engine rankings. The means by which online marketing and brand promotion are being carried out requires increasingly complex and intelligent strategies from search engine optimisation specialists in their bid to drive traffic to client sites, and produce a higher ROI via the implementation of conversion rate optimisation.

While the Looxcie headset may only be a small device aimed at the enhancement of video-sharing, it represents a part of the collective direction in which the internet is moving, and at the blistering pace with which we must travel in order to keep up.