Looxcie Launches Wearable Digital Camcorder

The tiny camcorder (it resembles a chunky headset) is placed over one’s ear, records constantly for up to 4 hours, and, when the battery peters out, the device will save the final 30 seconds of the clip to a video file at the touch of an “instant clip” button. The camera can also be configured to upload “instant shares” automatically.

The function and production of the camcorder appears similar to those used by policemen in real-life documentaries, or attached to the helmets of soldiers in Afghanistan. Now the technology has been offered to YouTube addicts, whose video-sharing careers just got a bit more exciting. Somehow, they won’t look the same perched on the head of an “oversharer” – as Evelyn Rusli of TechCrunch calls them – desperately trying to garner some brief level of fame or infamy; whatever comes his way first.

Using Bluetooth technology, the file is sent to the Looxcie companion mobile application, from where it can be shared via e-mail, Facebook or YouTube. The mobile app is available only on Android at the moment, but it is believed that the Blackberry, Windows, and iPhone platforms will all be brought into the fold by the end of the year.

On cannot help but think this latest offering – $199 from Amazon by the way – is a demonstration of technology for technologies sake. It doesn’t really add anything innovative or impressively new to the mix, yet those technological hunter-gatherers will do anything to get their hands on the sleek piece of design. It is another manifestation with society’s obsession with the latest technological evolution, however minuscule the development may be.

This also reflects the general atmosphere of “I want it and I want it now, and if you don’t have it give me something else in the meantime to keep me occupied” which dogs the online sphere. The launch of Google Instant is the current culmination of such demand for speed and information access.

Every aspect of the web is subject to ever-increasing needs to keep up with the pace of real-time search and the unrelenting ubiquity of social media, not least of all the SEO UK companies deeply involved in the success of sites within search engine rankings. The means by which online marketing and brand promotion are being carried out requires increasingly complex and intelligent strategies from search engine optimisation specialists in their bid to drive traffic to client sites, and produce a higher ROI via the implementation of conversion rate optimisation.

While the Looxcie headset may only be a small device aimed at the enhancement of video-sharing, it represents a part of the collective direction in which the internet is moving, and at the blistering pace with which we must travel in order to keep up.

Using Trade Shows to Launch or License Your Novel Consumer Product Is Key

Each business day we are approached by entrepreneurs, small businesses, and inventors from all over the world seeking guidance and asking how best to launch and successfully commercialize their consumer product or service innovation. In almost every case investment monies are very dear. There is no one universal answer as every situation is unique. However, we find that we almost always include a suggestion of industry specific trade show participation as a key piece of the answer.

Every category of consumer product has an assortment of local, regional, national or international trade shows devoted exclusively to related products and services. There are Food Product and Gourmet Food Product trade shows. The Pet Product industry has numerous events. Ditto for Hardware Products, Toys and Games, Pool and Spa Products, Gift Products, Table Top Gifts, Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Products, Sporting Goods, Home and Garden Products, Do-It-Yourself Products, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Wellness Products, Natural Products and, well…you get the picture. If you want to sell, license or introduce a consumer product there is a venue that is the ideal target of opportunity available for you to utilize.

Why are trade shows so important? The answer is simple. In an impersonal digital world the internet has created an inconvenient and often insurmountable buffer between entrepreneurs and decision makers (buyers). In order to bridge the electronic divide you must be able to personally meet and educate the key decision maker on the unique features and benefits of your product. This is best accomplished at trade shows.

Attending trade shows is an important part of retail buyer responsibility. It is easy for a buyer to accept an anonymous new product application from an on-line submission and electronically decline the offer. This is not only easy, but highly impersonal and a way to evade the additional work load that comes with adding new items to a stores retail mix. Management, however, expects buyers to not only attend trade shows, but to discover and bring home new, innovative products.

On the floor of a trade show the entrepreneur can network, demonstrate and display their product and become personally familiar with key personnel in their class of trade. At every trade show I have ever worked there have been sales agents seeking new lines to carry and represent. There are competitors who want to buy or license new products that fit their space (or, beware, knock off your item). You will meet retail buyers from every conceivable size store, from big box to independent. The opportunity to properly present your product to the largest group of potentially important people is never greater than when you display your wares at a trade show.

There are costs attendant to trade show participation. Travel, booth rental, display and sales collateral must be covered. There are also clever strategies available to minimize cash outlays while discovering how the decision makers in your space will react to your new consumer product or service.

We just returned from a major high fashion jewelry industry trade show. Our client unveiled a brand new jewelry line by utilizing production quality prototype samples to demonstrate to the trade. Display was a one-off unit created by our preferred point-of-purchase manufacturer. Sales collateral was designed and produced utilizing a photo-shop graphic art technique. The result was that, with virtually zero inventory expense, the client was able to present his product and give every outward appearance of being an experienced, solid business, not a start-up.

Orders are now being written, international distribution deals negotiated and inventory produced to cover commitments. This expensive step can now be undertaken with a high level of confidence gained by the experience realized by trade show participation. This is just one example of penetrating a highly competitive consumer product market while significantly mitigating financial risk.

The Secret of Securing a Popular Dental Practice Online

It is nothing new that the online world has become a bustling platform for businesses which aim to build a strong presence among the prospective customers. Like any other businesses, dentistry also wants its presence on the social networking field. However, if a dentist is busy bringing smiles to patients, then how will he/she keep himself/herself updated, socially since strong networking is not all about Facebook and Twitter?

Interestingly, a healthy online presence for a healthy growing dental practice hangs on to the positive side since more than 70% of consumers look out for a new dentist on Google every day. To practice dentistry online, a focused SEO for dentists has become important. Due to the rising competition online to secure the place on the first pages, a simple website featuring some services and treatments will not make your dental practice popular among your patients.

The first landing page should be interesting and a good website should focus about your USPs, interesting information about dental world and benefits of the customers. Thus, you need an expert who understands the norms of the dental industry and regularly being updated with the current marketing efforts and continuously gather leads to generate online traffic for your website.

So, search engine optimization (SEO) holds certain procedures through which a dental website could be popular. To gain popularity online, a website focussing online dental practices require:

On-page optimization
Keywords Localisation
Link building
Increasing in natural traffic
Cultivating relationships
Good and unique articles and blog postings

Since approximately 97% of consumers continue seeking dental care online, an everyday connection with such consumers is necessary. From rebuilding website of unique domain to optimize content and navigation to identify potential competitors and customers, SEO is an ideal plan that will push the dental practice higher on the first ten pages. It also enables to reinvigorate social efforts by cultivating networks with top notch level dentist websites and forums.

For a better SEO, a website should be attractive and the content should be compelling and fresh. Both fuses to give a dramatic effect for search engine results. Next, your website needs to be localized through specific keywords that will help customers easily land on the search result web page. Implementing dental SEO that is combined with dental knowledge and technological expertise, the use of strong keywords will help the customers to find out a good dentist online.

Google is the all-embracing inspiration for allowing new updates and call for fresh sites with unique content. Social networking has brought people from every cut and corners at one place and thus, SEO for dentists grab this massive opportunity to get you more new patients. HIGH RANKING is the key to any SEO success which will bring your practice thousand of money in your new found income.